Submit Your Testimony

If you have experienced a medically inexplicable miracle in the course of a Christian Spiritual Intervention, we would love to hear more about it.

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Please note that we are particularly interested in healings through prayer involving the following kinds of cases:

  • Type 1 diabetes, with documented improvement in A1C
  • Blindness, and documented with retinal scans and other imaging
  • Healing of deafness after documented damage to auditory system
  • Genetic diseases with documented genotypic change.
  • Healing of chronic renal failure
  • Healing of chronic liver failure
  • Hard stroke, documented with CT and/or MRI scans before and after healing
  • Cancer with a large mass or many masses present on an imaging study, with documented resolution within 2 weeks, and no intervening chemo, surgery, or radiation
  • Healing of fractures within 2 weeks after the initial x-ray
  • Osteolytic and sclerotic bony lesions from cancer with normal cortex after prayer
  • Parkinson’s disease, confirmed with DaT scan and subsequent full recovery without dopamine replacement therapy
  • In general, healing of any condition for which recovery is otherwise medically impossible


    Type of medical records available after healing:

    Doctor's notesImaging examsBlood workOther documents