Research Protocol

How healing testimonies can be scientifically investigated and potentially become published peer-reviewed case reports.

Observe Spiritual Healings

Observe Spiritual Healing

Healings are reported every day in churches around the world, but are these healings being medically verified? Individuals who believe they have experienced a spiritual healing can go back to their doctor(s) to be re-tested for the condition they were previously diagnosed with.

Obtain Medical Records

Medical RecordIf you experienced a change in your health during or after prayer, we invite you to obtain your before-and-after medical records related to the change. Diagnostic exams are especially important and, if possible, it is preferable to have the same type of before-and-after exams.

Assess – Expert review

Once your testimony is submitted, researchers at GMRI will begin a review process that starts with doing a literature review on the condition you report a healing from. This process will help us to understand the likelihood of the condition being spontaneously resolved. After this preliminary review, we will contact you to discuss your case over the phone. We will then review the information with a specialist who may ask additional questions that we would go over in a follow-up discussion.


Once all the information is gathered, we will assess it to determine if the case is strong enough for publication to a peer-reviewed journal. If so, we will request that you complete a formal informed consent agreement so that our team can prepare a formal case report. Due to the volume of testimonies submitted, it is only possible to publish a select number of cases. Even if your case is not selected for individual publication, the information you provide helps GMRI researchers to develop a better understanding of CSH practices. The cumulative results of this review will be published in peer-reviewed journals and made available on this website.

We’re always looking for new testimonies

If you or someone you know has experienced a medically inexplicable healing that may be associated with Christian Spiritual Healing, please let us know by clicking the link below.